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Simplified college timetabling

Universities and colleges use Ratibar to automatically create lesson and exam timetables with improved use of course time, rooms space and minimal time clashes

What can you do with Ratibar?


Generate timetables for the entire campus with 1 click in 1 minute. Autogen reports any errors.


Automated instant notifications to students and teachers on SMS, email and mobile app whenever there is change in timetables.


Use Roolytics to determine room allocations using simple graphs and ensure maximum usage of room space.

Manual allocations

Use the intelligent manual wizard for ‘human element’ decisions to select suitable time allocations for lessons and examinations.

Equivalent & Combined units

You can save time and money by combining or sharing units/courses from different faculties. You can share rooms as well when needed.

Instant clash detection

You can instantly detect timetable clashes and adjust them using the in-built automated Resolver wizard or just adjust everything manually.

Master and departmental timetables

Master timetables display the schedules for all the units/courses in one long grid.

Departmental timetables display specific timetables for courses.

Full-time & part-time

Have both full-time and part-time schedules for all campuses each with its own settings.

Any campus can enable or disable support for part-time. Still all campuses can have similar settings.

Course loading

Important if you require that students sit specified number of hours for units/courses for grading purposes.

This can be set on a campus level or individually for each unit.

LMS Plugins

Do you use Moodle, Fedena or Sakai?

Easily integrate Ratibar into your existing Moodle, Fedena or Sakai platforms.

You can also make special request for customized API

Common units

Autogen treats common units/courses with high prominence with regards to room/time/teacher allocations

Students, teachers and administrators

Easy online access by students, teachers, departmental administrators.

Simple painless pricing

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